Volcan Matt

Volcan matt is a state of the art product that is the highest in demand from all the various products across our range. It is a product which provides insulation solutions to all businesses across all industries and this is because it is manufactured to be a much tougher product, as compared to the rest, in order to take the higher workload that is put onto the product.
Volcan matt is a tightly compressed blanket of volcanic wool which is resin bonded, fitted with the use of a wire mesh and is semi-rigid in form. Volcan matt differs from volcan board by means of the way in which the product is packaged. Volcan matt is compressed into a reasonably thin sheet, and is tied using a wire mesh in order to keep it more rigid as compared to volcan board, which is not tied up with the mesh, and which has not been compressed to such a great extent. Volcan matt is reasonably larger in size as compared to our other products due to its targeted use, which is primarily for large surface areas and for high intensity plants and factories. Volcan matt is essentially a product that is a once off solution for thermal insulation within factories for all equipment such as, boilers and furnaces in order to add an extra level of safety to the buildings as well as to the work place.

Overall volcan matt has the highest thermal resistance when compared to our other products and its large size works to its advantage as it allows it to be laid over large surface areas at relative ease, whilst using the most cost effective method possible. Volcan matt provides an extra dimension to insulation as a result of its tight compression during our manufacturing process. This not only allows it to be highly heat resistant, but it also allows for greater quality sound prevention and acoustics, as well as better temperature control and regulation within buildings. It is therefore the best insulator available for all factories, roofing and large scale buildings, and that is what makes volcan matt the very best insulating product available in the market today.

Uses of Volcan Matt

  • Industrial pipe work
  • Boiler walls
  • Furnaces and smoke ducts.
  • Highly flammable machinery and equipment
  • Combustible gas lines and refineries