Volcan Felt

Volcan felt is a very highly used product across various industries within in the market. Volcan felt is created differently from the other products within our range as it is thinner and contains a lower resin content in order to give it a semi-rigid form thus enabling it to be used in a large variety of power stations, businesses and factories. Volcan felt is highly demanded as it is the perfect size for general use such as factory maintenance as well as in walls, ceilings and window panels. Volcan felts thinner base allows it to have a high level of flexibility and this allows its uses to range from insulation of small areas where space is a constraint, to larger surface areas where heavy duty insulation such as Volcan Matt is not viable. Volcan felt is the perfect product in order to give you the best insulation for any of your machinery and equipment and its characteristics are greatly beneficial to any working environment.

Uses of felt
• Tanks and pressure vessels
• Air-conditioning equipment
• Baking and drying ovens
• Stoves and cookers
• Boilers and steam plants