Volcan Board

Volcan board is a product which is used for its semi fixed properties. It is different from other products such as loose wool due to its form being semi-rigid and semi-inflexible. It is bonded with the use of resin and this allows it to be harder and more rigid as compared to other non-rigid products such as loose wool. It is produced in a board or slab form and is highly sound and temperature resistant. It is primarily used for vertical surfaces such as walls and lightweight processing machinery. It is a brilliant insulator and definitely the best wall insulation available in the market. It is, as so are our other products, able to withstand tremendous temperatures, maintain heat levels within machinery that relies on heat and is also able to regulate temperatures within homes and various other buildings.

Volcan board is a viable solution to heat retention problems, and it also has the properties and characteristics in order to provide sound acoustic solutions within factories. It has the ability to retain sound and keep it either, in or out, as needs be and this literally helps stop noise pollution to an enormous extent in any environment. Volcan board is overall, a product used mainly for wall insulation and has the added benefits of providing a safe, clean and noise free solution to all your insulation needs, be it at home or in your business.

Uses of Volcan Board

  • Equipment where high temperatures and mechanical vibrations are present
  • Roof and walling sound acoustics and temperature control
  • Heavy duty machinery and equipment
  • Boiler walls and ovens
  • Gas lines and pressured vessels