Products & Solutions

  • Volcan Felt

    Volcan Felt

    Volcan felt is a very highly used product across various industries within in the market. Volcan felt is created differently…

  • Loose Wool

    Loose Wool

    Loose wool is one of the first forms in which our product takes during the manufacturing process, it is a…

  • Volcan Board

    Volcan Board

    Volcan board is a product which is used for its semi fixed properties. It is different from other products such…

  • Volcan Matt

    Volcan Matt

    Volcan matt is a state of the art product that is the highest in demand from all the various products…

  • Volcan Pipe

    Volcan Pipe

    Volcan pipe contains the same characteristics of volcan matt and is essentially the same product, however, Volcan pipe differs in…