Loose wool

Loose wool is one of the first forms in which our product takes during the manufacturing process, it is a loose lightly bonded material which is firstly, resin free, secondly has essentially the same properties of the end product namely volcan matt, and lastly has the capabilities of being used in any area due to the free form of the product. It is not in a fixed shape or form and this is where loose wool has a great advantage over the other products we have to offer. It is able to be fitted into even the tiniest of places as it is lightweight and has not been compressed, this allows the user to be able to play around with the product as needs be and to also use it in areas where fixed mats will not be able to fit into. Loose wool is undoubtedly a product which has a number of positive uses and has been proven to have a high thermal resistance, act as a brilliant insulator against sounds and acoustics, and as a fiber filler for strength and size. Overall loose wool possesses the same characteristics of volcan boards or Matts however the ability and flexibility with regards to its shape and size are where loose wool is able to differentiate itself from our other products we have on offer.

Uses of Loose Wool

  • Large irregular surfaces and ducts
  • Large rooms and machinery rooms
  • Highly combustible chemical and oil storage facilities
  • Industrial and commercial ovens
  • •Roofing in homes and businesses