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Building PicVolcanic Wool International is a company specializing in the manufacturing and supply of insulation. Our products are produced using one of the most easily attainable resources, stone, in order to create a product which is paving the future of modern insolation within the world. Volcanic Wool provides reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly insulation products! We strive to offer the best product solutions. We provide innovative state of the art, cutting edge solutions. Volcanic Wool is a certified world class Mineral Wool producer.

Volcanic Wool International is a proud member of Morvest Group Limited, a Global Diversified Investment Holding group, with international presence throughout Africa, UAE, USA and India and employs over 4000 employees across the globe.

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Volcanic wool is a mineral wool product manufactured through a highly sophisticated production process using the latest technologies available in order to create a revolutionary product that is used globally and locally in order to insulate the modern world as we know it. The future of insolation lies within this product as it is fire resistant and safe to use for the environment. Volcanic wool insulation products helps regulate temperatures within building, offices, homes, and plants by keeping the flow of air regulated. Volcanic wool insulation products helps keep temperatures at the optimum level by retaining heat in cold climate conditions and by regulating heat and keeping areas cool when conditions are warmer, in essence helping to create a fully regulated temperature environment within any building without the use of complicated air conditioning or air flow technology.

Volcanic wool is highly safe to use due to the characteristic it possesses of being highly inflammable and non-combustible. Volcanic wool has the ability to withstand significant temperatures of over 1000C or to put it into perspective the heat of pure molten lava. Volcanic wool is highly fire resistant and thus can be used in any single premises or building and allows the customer to be at ease, knowing there is no risk of property or information being lost as a result of a fire being created from the use of the product.

Volcanic wool is an insulator like no other and the likes of which are truly a groundbreaking product in its own. Volcanic wool is where the future of today’s manufacturing and insolation needs are steadily and rapidly gearing towards and this is why here at Volcanic Wool international, we do our best to keep this future alive and prosperous, as well as to ensure the people of the world too, can benefit from our revolutionary product in the optimum way possible.


Why Use Volcanis Wool
Volcanic wool insulation is used in a wide range of settings that harness its remarkable thermal, acoustic and fire protection properties. Volcanic wool insulates new and existing buildings of all types – be they residential, commercial or public.

Substantial cost savings result from investing in insulation. Common energy efficient household applications include the insulation of lofts, cavity walls, internal and external walls, flat roofs and heating systems. Common industrial applications include: large diameter pipe insulation; insulation of tanks and vessels; insulation for boilers and turbines; and critical marine and offshore installations including fire and acoustic insulation in ships and oil rigs.

Keeping heat out and maintaining low temperatures is just as vital a performance requirement as heat retention. Many industrial processes can only be carried out in controlled cold environments and generating such low temperatures is even more costly than producing heat. Insulation is used to reduce energy demand by providing a very effective thermal barrier.

Insulating air-conditioned offices and commercial environments is increasingly valued. The demand for thermal insulation which maintains low temperatures has been perhaps the single most important driving force behind the continuing innovation of mineral wool products. Building materials using glass and stone wool insulation consistently prove to be the most cost-effective solution.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of volcanic wool is a step towards a greener and safer environment for any single person who opts to use the product. This is a result of the product’s primary feature and use, namely, insulation. Due to the use of this product to insulate homes and businesses alike, the product has the capability of reducing pollution as the product acts as an insulator against the elements, this therefore reduces the need to spend rare and costly precious resources such as oil and coal in order to power equipment such as heaters, air conditioning systems, air regulatory systems and essentially the use of electricity. It is therefore clear the positive effect on the environment is quite substantial and the lowering of dangerous greenhouse gasses and other pollution problems can be eased to a significant extent by the use of volcanic wool.

We strive to create the best eco-friendly product and constantly innovate our product and processes.